Daniels Home Management was created with one objective in mind, to take the high standards that The Daniels Corporation brings to the development of condominiums to condominium management. Our goal is to provide condominium communities with the highest level of management services by developing innovative communication strategies designed to ensure enhanced levels of resident satisfaction. We also provide responsible financial management with clearly defined reporting procedures and accountability. Our day-to-day operations management is designed to ensure that all condominium corporations are managed in a cost effective way while at the same time improving the quality of the condominium experience for residents and value for the community. “Love where you live” is Daniels slogan and registered trademark and we want to make sure that it stays that way! 



Property Managers: 

Our promise is to have well trained, customer focused managers who are committed to continuing education. Our policy is that our Property Managers either hold the "Registered Condominium Manager" designation from the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario or are in the process of obtaining it. We also provide a regular program of in-hoouse training which includes continuing education in buiding operations, condominium financial planning, health and safety procedures, and changes in legislation affecting the condominium industry.

On-Site Building Services Staff:

Our on-site services staff are screened rigorously to ensure knowledgeable and quality customer service. We look for people who bring experience, responsibility, and strong communication skills to their position. All of our Resident Services Directors are required to complete Work Place Hazardous Materials courses and Healty and Safety Courses. We also ensure that they are attired in professional and easily identifiable uniforms. Performance is monitored and reviewed on a continuous basis.

Working With Contractors:

Daniels Home Management has developed a list of approved suppliers based on our significant experience with condominium trades. In oreder to be on our List of Approved Trades, the trade will have had to display to us their quality of service, their timely response to our needs, and a proven track record of accountability. This list is reviewed and revised continually to ensure that all trades working in our condominiums meet the high quality of customer care that Daniels Home Management is committed to delivering.

Maintenance and Service Planning:

Our Property Managers work from an annual planning guide to ensure systematic controls of building maintenance. On-site Resident Service Directors also have a daily procedure in place to ensure that in the day-to-day operations of the building, all mechanicals and operational systems are maintained in the highest possible condition. This is the best way to ensure that in the long term, maintenance costs will remain reasonable and that the buidling's value will be enhanced through the superior condition of the property.



Status Certificates:

Our administrative staff prepare your Status Certificate and provide all necessary documents to be included with it. The Act allows for ten (10) days for preperation of the Status Certificate, although at Daniels Home Management we strive to deliver it as soon as possible.

Annual Meetings:

An Annual General Meeting is mandated by the Act and at Daniels Home Management we make all the preparations for this meeting, including delivery of the notice of meeting to residents, booking of facilities and attendance at the meeting by Senior Management.

Arrears Collection:

Daniels Home Management ensures professional and effective collection of past-due maintenance fees. Our process includes scheduled follow-up and, when required, procedures for protection of the condominium's interests through the lien process.

Service Response:

Our administrative staff are available Monday through Friday during business hours to respond to all resident requests. We also have 24 hour emergency respnse systems in place. Our Managers are equipped with state-of-the-art wireless communication devices to ensure that, in the case of emergencies, they recieve the vital information necessary to properly deal with any emergency.



Annual Budgeting:

Daniels Home Management prepares a draft Operating Budget by the middle of the 10th month of each fiscal year. This budget is prepared with input from the Board and in consultation with the Treasurer. The draft budget includes the following items:

  • An analysis and estimate based on the to-date revenue and expenses of the year-end financial results;
  • A variance report on any budget categories with significant differences from the original budget estimate for that category;
  • A proposed budget for the next fiscal year for each expense catefory using the past experience, projected expenses and Board input on planned expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year;
  • Budget Notes for each category of expense explaining the reasoning for the expense estimate as well as the percentage change in that category from the previous budget year; and 
  • A reporting letter to all homeowners explaining the budget and considerations taken by the Board in determining the monthly fees.

Financial statements are prepared monthly on an accrual basis and delivered to the Board by the 15th of each month. They include the following:

  • A Balance Statement
  • A Revenue and Expense Statement
  • A list of accounts payable and receivable
  • A list of accrued liabilities 
  • A copy of all bank statements and a bank reconciliation 
  • A statement of Reserve expenditures 
  • A variance report for any significant differences in expense categories that differ from the budgeted amount.


Day-To-Day Financial Management:

On an ongoing basis we provide the following financial management services:

  • Collection of monthly maintenance fees, including the setting up of pre-authorized payment for the maintenance fees;
  • Paying of all invoices;
  • Providing for, and administration of, group benefits and payroll for building employess;
  • Review of Reserve Fund Study with the Board;
  • Recommendation of investment vehicles for Reserve Funds including development of investments plan for the Reserve Fund; and
  • Preparing of all records and paperwork for the annual financial audit.